Thursday, December 1, 2011

Travelog Parser Script

The IE Travelog parser enscript is now available for download here!

I have parsed out all information within the <GUID>.DAT files. This is displayed in the GUI when the program is run. While not everything can be exported out into a flat list because it is really a tree structure within another tree structure, and also lots of the information contained is duplicated (redundant). The complete output is in the console, where you also get data from the RecoveryStore.DAT files.

Screenshot of Script output
Update: 1 Jan 2012 - Small bug fix, version now shown in script as 0.7 Beta.


  1. Great post and great Enscript. While it didn't "crack" my case, this was exactly the tool I was looking for when I discovered the travelog.

    Thanks Yogesh!

  2. Hello,
    How to use it, how to open it?