Swift Forensics is the name under which Yogesh Khatri offers forensics consulting services.

This site serves as a blog for publishing research and distributing FREE scripts and programs that I have written for the forensic community. My research relates to Digital Forensics, Reverse Engineering,  eDiscovery and Computer Security in general.

About Yogesh Khatri

I am a passionate researcher always in the quest of finding new and innovative solutions to problems in the electronic forensics realm.

I have in my short career of 9 years, had the good fortune of working with some of the best and well known experts as well as working for the most successful forensics software company (encase/guidance software) for a good number of years. During this time I have been consulting for clients worldwide including many Fortune 100 companies and conducted training for corporate and police personnel.

Having recently relocated from US to my native India, I currently offer consulting services to clients locally and worldwide and volunteer my time for assisting law-enforcement personnel when requested.

I also enjoy teaching and my current academic affiliation is with the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University as an adjunct professor teaching digital forensics.

My current corporate avatar is as the Director of Training & Research at White Hat School of Technologies. You can read my complete bio at my linkedIn profile.

A list of consulting services can be found here. Feel free to call or email anytime. Our contact information can be found here.