Professional Services

We pride ourselves on being the best and offering the best of services. Swift Forensics currently offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Computer and Network Investigations
    Do you suspect misuse or abuse of your computer resources? Need an expert to figure out by analyzing the hidden traces left behind by files and applications? We can help in collecting and processing your evidence the right way and build a case for successful prosecution of the culprit.

  • Data Recovery
    Lost data to a disk crash, operating system failure or accidental data deletion? Need help rebuilding a RAID array or recovering data from it?

  • Electronic Discovery
    Collect and process computers, emails and documents in bulk for legal review.

  • Training
    We offer staff training for Digital forensics which includes computer and network investigations, automation in forensics (using enscripts or other programming) and incident response at all levels of expertise from beginner to expert. We have successfully conducted training for law enforcement and corporate entities.

  • Custom Research and Development
    We are always researching new and better ways to perform forensics, discover new artifacts and we publish our research on the blog. We also undertake projects for Reverse Engineering or programming for our clients when it relates to forensics.